Peppers, 2016 Herb of the Year

The International Herb Association has selected peppers (Capsicum spp.) as the 2016 Herb of the Year.

Capsicum includes sweet bell peppers and hot chili peppers.

Some peppers are good for pickling, some peppers are better for salsa or sauces. Most peppers are good eaten fresh and most dry well.

At our Annual Herb Sale, we often have the following sweet and hot peppers:
Sweet Peppers
California Wonder green, California Wonder golden, Sweet Chocolate bell, Iko Iko bell, Purple Beauty bell, Yolo bell, Gourmet, and sweet banana

Hot Peppers
habanero, red habanero, jalapeno, early jalapeno, Tam jalapeno, Paper Lantern, poblano ancho, serrano, and shishito

Hot peppers are often called chile peppers.

Jalapenos are the most common chile peppers in the U.S and range from mild to medium hot. Dried jalapenos are called chipotles.

Poblanos range from mild to medium heat. Dried poblanos are called anchos.

Serranos are hotter than jalapenos.

Habaneros and shishitos are very hot.